About the Hrelic – famous Zagreb flea market

What is the soul of the city, are those people, special places, events,… Every town in the world has its own story and place where rules change, they go back to its original form when there were no shopping malls and trade was simple. The place that welcomes all segments of society. Meet Hrelić, Zagreb’s most famous flea market with a soul.

Here begins my story of a flea market-I like to call it an antidote to shopping malls, place where things tell their own story.

Hrelic fair Dawn

Hrelic fair Dawn

Some people like to call this place an e-bay from Sava’s bank. It is really like a big shopping mall in the open but the truth is you can buy here almost anything. But when did it all begun and why here?

The fair developed near former village Hrelić 40 years ago and soon it became a soul of the city. Nowdays, during sunny fair days, this place has more then 20.000 and up to 50.000 visitors in search for antiques, various second hand, vintage clothes, and things that you want but didn’t know it existed.

People with interesting stories are all around us. Here you do business like in the old times, with no receipts or guarantees. It is all about the love at the first sight. And of course the skill of bargain.

Old Bicicle

Old Bicycle

After all this hard work and wondering through the numerous stands offering so many different things, i think i deserve to rest. Maybe this is not the trendiest place in Zagreb but coffee tastes great.

You can notice that someone sells on the stand and the others on the concrete cube on the floor. The cheaper the merchandise, the cheaper is the fair fee. It seems like the story begins even before you enter the fair. It seem like this place for some people means bare egsistance. I believe that many of them are selling memories, dear things that have no longer use to earn some money to live through a day.

Urban joungle raises above Hrelic flea market

Urban jungle raises above Hrelic flea market


Also here is the Zagreb’s biggest car fair. There is usually around 2.500 cars on sale. Although I didn’t buy car, I’m taking you to a place where you can smell and feel the atmosphere of this place, and the best way is like love, through the stomach.

Grill called Cevapcici

Grill called Cevapcici

Barracks where you can buy grilled meat would probably have some difficulties to satisfy modern hygienic standards, but there is the best grill you can find.

The Hrelić flea market is undoubtly a place with historic, culturological and economical value and it could be a great tourist attraction. Without it, Zagreb would lose its soul.

Here ends our colorful story. If you ever come to Zagreb, you know where to go on wednesadays or Sundays. And if you are not so much into the fairs, the food can definitly make you change your mind.

Short documentary is cooming soon.


Marija Capan





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