“To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light.”
Carl Gustav Jung

Now you can sneak-peak our latest project which is a result of international cooperation of artists from Madrid, Zagreb, Belgrade and Ljubljana. Expressive dance story is being told through a video with a famous gipsy traditional song “Ederlezi” as a background music, for this occasion and for the first time performed in flamenco style. We used minimalistic choreography and given scene conditions as our advantage, focusing on rythm, remarkable shots and combining static and mobile camera.


Confrontation is a performance inspired by Carl Gustav Jung’s psychology stressing the importance of confronting one’s own shadow, of bringing darkness to the light of consciousness.
Our psyche is split between the conscious and the unconscious at the center of which lies the shadow, all this which we fail to grasp or which we repress. In “Confrontation”, the author ventures into her dreams and confronts unpleasant and repressed memories from her childhood in an attempt to uncover parts of her shadow. She aims to achieve an inner balance by bringing into harmony the conscious and the unconscious parts of her psyche.

Confrontation trailer image

Confrontation – selected image from the movie.


Screenwriter: Saška Šašić
Directed by: Slaven Petrić
Directors of photography: Slaven Petrić & Ranko Tintor Fiko
Executive Producer: Marija Capan
Musical director: Jorge Canda Neira
Choreographer: Saška Šašić
Costume designer: Shash
Makeup artist: Dino Baksa
Sound designer: Slaven Petrić

Principal cast: Saška Šašić
Second dancer: Mitja Obed

Original music: Ederlezi (traditional folk song of the Romani minority in the Balkans), Seguiriya (traditional flamenco form)
Musical arrangement: Jorge Canda Neira
Voice: Almudena de la Fuente Carbonell
Guitar: Jorge Canda Neira

DSLR video: Ranko Tintor Fiko
Motion camera: Slaven Petrić

Editor: Slaven Petrić
Assistant editor: Ranko Tintor Fiko
Editor Apprentice: Matija Cvetković

Production: Warp Media & Studio Laniste
Executive producer: Marija Capan
Location manager: Jug Cerović




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