Johnny Winter’s hand

A photograph of Johnny Winter’s hand, but it’s more than just an image of a hand, it’s a symbol, a reflection, evidence of a creative journey and evolution of an artist. It’s an opportunity for all of us to identify with the internal creative spirit and to be reminded trought a photograph, there is a path, an opportunity for each of us to simply live in the moment, to engage in our personal expirience and to create. There is something for more important than fame and fortune and it’s to live and to realize each day can engage in what we love whether it’s playing the guitar, composing music or creating photographs of our experiences. Johnny Winter’s influence can never be forgotten as his creative spirit endures.
My photo “Johnny Winter’s Hand” is selected and added to the STARK-Magazine. Page No. 1 & 7.

Photo is taken in Tvornica Kulture – Zagreb – Croatia – 2012. My B&W gallery.

Exif: Canon 60D + Sigma 70-300 (250mm), f/5.6, 1/250sec, ISO 1600

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