Park Maksimir is a unique object of park architectural heritage of City of Zagreb and Republic Croatia. It was raised on the final southern foothills of Medvednica at the end of 18 th and the first half of 19 th century.
It is the first public park in southeast Europe, and one of the first in the world. At the time of forming it was one of the most important park accomplishments of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Park Maksimir’s founder was Zagreb ‘s Bishop MAKSIMILIJAN von VRHOVAC
Park Maksimir today is completely surrounded with town settlements. In this new surrounding Park Maksimir still represents a shelter for many plant and animal species.
Its value for the protection of endangered species connected to old hollows is significant because of preserved hundred-year-old oak forests. In Park Maksimir more than one hundred bird species are recorded. Other animal species connected to old forests are significant as well, like squirrels and some bat species, otherwise globally endangered animal species.
Besides forests, in Park Maksimir we can find meadows, lakes and streams, which also represent important habitats for various plants and animal, and in that way contribute to its biological diversity.
During the times Park Maksimir was formed, it was the most modern, elite and popular enterprise in the city and further. Today it represents a first rate antique living part of the city area.
Besides Park Maksimir as a whole, many other single objects in Park Maksimir are protected as cultural assets.
Maksimir lakes are a inseparable part of total landscape picture of the Park, which can be confirmed by the fact that they were formed parallel with the Park. Highly valuable esthetic and landscape characteristics of lakes, from the time they were formed have an artifact function as well, firstly as ponds, and than as recreational surfaces for boat rides.
During the past six lakes were formed in Park Maksimir, and today only four left. There is zoo located in the park area with many animal species.
If you come to Zagreb dont miss to visit Maksimir. Enjoy yourself walking trough forest and take a rest near the lakes.
Camera and editing: Slaven Petrić
Production: Studio Laniste 2015.
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