The diversion of meaning (Diverzije smisla) by Lovro Lapuh

At 04/27/2016 I visited a truly impressive exhibition “Diversion of the meaning” (cro. Diverzije smisla) of my old school friend and versatile artist Lovro Lapuh held in gallery of „Matica hrvatska“ in Zagreb, Croatia. With real bohemian atmosphere and a fair number of visitors I realized – without much of brainstorming, Lovro is very important factor of Croatian modern art – and a cool mate too 🙂
I think that era of his success is just in front of us.

Lapuh’s work is distinctive, the originality of his embossed motifs in the play of light and shadow challenged me as an art photographer to capture his ideas with my camera.

To present this exhibition, I tried to simplify the use of technology and let the atmosphere in the gallery guide us through Lovro’s art. With just my Nikon D90 and two almost vintage, not so versatile lenses (AF Nikkor, 70-210/1:4-5.6 D and AF Nikkor 28-70/1:35-4.5 D), using no extra lights I believe that this photo gallery still creates a striking impression for viewers. It brings a piece of environment as is, making this exhibition experience and a photo gallery closest to the real feel.

Anyway, let the photos tell their own story.

Author: Slaven Petric


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