Only 20 km from Croatian capital and International airport Zagreb lies the medieval town of Samobor, a charming little town that captures ones imagination.

Becoming a very popular tourist destination, Samobor is a must-see place that really should be on your travel to-do list. Today we are taking you through the streets of the town, searching for the hidden secrets and seeking refreshments in multitudes of cafes and pastry shops. In the local museum the museum curator guides us through the town’s most interesting stories and its rich history.

Samobor has a long tourism tradition and is a favorite destination of residents of Zagreb but also of visitors from all over Croatia as well as the ones from abroad. I am proud of the fact that the number of foreign visitors is constantly rising as they fall in love with the medieval and baroque beauty of Samobor. Samobor also has a long gastronomic tradition and one of many manifestations of which I might mention Samobor carnival, salamijada and miner’s greblica ( fresh cheese filled pastry ). It’s important to point out a long standing cultural tradition and an interesting history which can be best glimpsed by visiting Samobor museum.

Samobor museum holds various collections, geological collection which includes fossils and 200 million year old rocks and archaeological collection which is laid out in chronological order from the Stone Age through metal age and up to the Roman times. First storey houses a historical cultural collection which compromises of all the documents and items pertaining to cultural history of Samobor. We also house items from the old town of Samobor located on the hill Tepec, which was built between 1260 and 1270 and changed numerous owners throught the history and which is one of the bigger cities in northern Croatia layout wise.

The Samobor area is rich in natural resources such as water, forests, copper and iron ore which naturally led to development of crafts, manufactories and industry.

We also have a rich crafts and guild collection as well as a sport and mountain climbing collection. Samobor is a small town which was given its royal free trade grant by king Bela the fourth in year 1242. It meant a lot to the contemporary citizens as it gave them certain freedoms which other towns were lacking.

In 19th century the area was teeming with craftsman with up to 30 craftsmen who formed guilds for similar trades so we had leather crafting, kettle crafting, blacksmith, honey making, weaver guilds as well as various others.

And if you are in love with the nature and seeking a real adventure a visit to the peak Japetić might just be what you need. Mount climbing has a long tradition in this area.


Scenario: Igor Kolaric
Camera and editing: Slaven Petric
Narration and voiceover: Marija Capan Mare
Translation: Matija Cvetkovic
English lector: Kelly Poljicak

Special thanks: Zrinka Kušer archaeologist, Samobor museum curator & Unknown man on the Guitar

©Video Guide Croatia, 2015

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